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Working in the hospitality industry of Breda?
With us, it's all about YOU!

We have the coolest job offers of Breda

Yes, really! And that’s not all: with us, it’s all about you. You will always work at the coolest places, with the coolest colleagues. You decide when and where you work. So are you looking for a nice hospitality job in Breda? Don’t look any further! Restaurants, hotels and the best locations are waiting for you!

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Find your hospitality job in Breda fast and easy!

Job offers in the hospitality in Breda, as a bartender or a catering employee: we have it all. Fulltime or parttime? You decide! You’ll find the coolest, nicest, greatest job offers in Breda super easy with our special tool!

Flexible hospitality work in Breda!

With us you will get all the freedom for hospitality work in Breda; where, when and how you want it. We, aka the matchmakers, will match you with the activities and clients of your dreams. The hospitality industry of Breda is very varied, great and challenging. You can work at the greatest restaurants, small or big hotels, event locations or at one of our other hospitality jobs.

Excited? This is how you continue!
Step 1: Sign up

Signing up is super easy and we answer directly. Is there something you want to know before you sign up? Send us a message by whatsapp. No biggie.

Step 2: Let's meet

With us, it’s about you. So we really want to get to know you. This can be at the office or online. We will also share all the ins & outs about Skanna with you.

Step 3: Are we a match?

Yes, yes! Let’s go! Cool jobs and parties are waiting for you!

Step 4: Skills

You’re now part of the team and with our training, those skills of yours will be no problem!

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Hospitality job offers in Breda that will make your heart skip a beat!

Do you like to work hard? Then you’re going to like our job offers! Working with other great people, on YOUR terms.

Parttime and fulltime hospitality jobs in Breda

Did you get here while looking for a hospitality job in Breda? Then you’re at the right place! Do you want to work parttime? That’s fine! Rather want to work fulltime for a while, because you need more money for your road trip through Europe, a worldwide trip or just because you need to save up some cash? We get that! We will match you with the coolest clients.

Breda is looking for staff

We can hear you think… finding job offers in the hospitality in Breda can’t be that hard. But believe us when we say we have the coolest clients and locations. And you decide when and where you want to work. For example at cool events, weddings or a shift at Roompot.

Job offers events

Are you a big fan of all the events in and around Breda? Our hospitality job offers and our clients feel the same about you! If you choose for this type of job in Breda, you will be working at events like weddings, parties and conferences. Often you work with a lot more Skanezen, which will make your working day even better!

Are you our new Skanees?

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Job offers festivals

Are you into festivals? Then we have something for you that will make you super happy! Together with other Skanezen you can work at big festivals. Last summer we worked with more than 100 Skanezen behind the bar at Dekmantel festival, at the backstage bar of Lowlands and we made smoothies during Amsterdam Open Air.

Working in the hospitality industry and at festivals throughout the year!

No festival season? No worries: even in autumn and winter we have enough cool hospitality work. We don’t know the terms ‘sitting still’ or ‘doing nothing’. With us you can never be bored. Throughout the year we have cool events and parties for you to sign up for.

Restaurants job offers

Working at Skanna means hospitality work in the broadest sense of the word. Not just events and festivals, but also restaurants. Taking orders at the table, serving dinner and and drinks or working behind the bar: we need you on every spot. Of course you can tell us your preference for the place you rock at the hardest.


Job offers hotels

Even at the hotels in Breda there are hospitality jobs available for our star-Skanezen! Breda has countless of beautiful hotels, from little boutique hotels to international and luxury chains: YOU work when YOU want. Within the hotels we have jobs in serving, F&B (Food and Beverage) and in the kitchen. Be our guest to indicate the place you prefer to work.

Are you our new Skanees?

If you are a hard worker, then we want to get to know you! But, first things first… as a real Skanees you have a professional attitude, during your work and also if it is about arrangements with us and our clients. Furthermore we ask you to be regularly available and that you really like being in contact with people. Also we need you to free some time for the parties, awards and events that we organize for you and our other Skanezen!

Working at Skanna

We aren’t a regular employment agency that offers jobs in Breda: we go a step further. We believe that the world can, no MUST be more hospitable and sustainable. And that’s something we work very hard on, together with you! This way, your passion for hospitality and your work at Skanna is worth twice as much. Because we are committed to make the world a better place. And by working at Skanna, so are you.

We give you space to develop yourself and we’re always looking for sustainable solutions and new points of view. All so you can learn new things and become more aware than you already are. We believe that, when we commit us to a better environment, the guests will be much happier and that the beer will also taste beter :). And that journey starts here!

Your journey starts HERE!

No experience? No worries

Who needs skills when you have the attitude?! And of course are eager to improve those skills! We are always looking for students who are ready to work and learn new things. We invite you to register yourself as soon as possible and to look at our hospitality job offers in Breda. Then we will first have a conversation where we will check if you already have some skills or not. Afterwards, we possibly invite you to a skills training where we will teach and show you everything you need to know!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Besides the professional training you will get, you can also count on your fellow Skanees. Some are real veterans who have been working in restaurants, hotels and at festivals for years. They will make sure you will have those skills in the pocket in no-time! We are a real team and make sure that everybody works together with pleasure. You will notice this immediately.

Respond to job offers in Breda & get yourself a job!

So… are you looking for a job or a part time job besides your study? Are you available for variated hospitality jobs? Then look into our vacancies right away for hospitality jobs in Breda and sign up! We will repeat it one more time: you can work with us without experience and at from the age of 16, 17 or 18 years (and older of course). Sign up at Skanna and get yourself the coolest part time job or job during your study!

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For hospitality work in Breda

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